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"A Place Where Life Grows" 
Brighton Gardens, LLC.
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Brighton Gardens recognizes that social activity is an essential part of everyday life.  Our home offers a large common living area to encourage group activities such as games, TV viewing, video-game playing, social events, and just talking over the events of the day.  Social skills development activities will be used to help clients in:

·        Socializing within the family

·        Participating in recreation and leisure activities

·        Socializing outside the family

·        Making and keeping friends

·        Communicating with others about personal needs

·        Offering assistance and assisting others

·        Interacting with community members

Brighton Gardens will sponsor a number of social events that will include:

·        A monthly weekend dance

·        Monthly birthday celebrations

·        Summer cookouts

·        Easter egg hunt

·        Christmas and thanksgiving banquets.

Our clients actively participate in the planning, setup and promotion of each of these events.  New training will be implemented based on individual needs.

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